Manuel García de la Torre

Manuel Antonio García de la Torre Fernández

Wednesday , 21 de February de 2018

     Born   in   Cuenca,   Spain  and   now  living  in  the
Mediterranean at will,  I spent  the early years  of my life
growing up in Motilla del Palancar.

      That is where Mr.  Antonio "Godo" tried to teach three
or four  of the town's layabouts to paint in oils, with very
little success as far as I was  concerned.  It did, however,
awaken  a curiosity  in me fo  light, colour, the atmosphere
that separates me from objects and that which surrounds them,
which has accompanied  me throughout my life.

      After living in Cartagena and Cadiz, I sailed the seas
of the world for ten years as a merchant navy communications

       I saw thousands of images before my very eyes.

      And  it  is  the  light,  always  the  light  and  the
atmosphere  created  by  it  which has  been  etched onto my
retina,  producing  within  me an  inner need to recover the
essence of what I have seen: the  mid-afternoon sun looking
down on the Libyan desert, the light  at sunrise  and sunset
on  the African rivers, the midnight sun  on  northern seas,
the unbearable mixture  of ecstasy  and  anxiety  created by
the  green flash,  the calm Pacific with its perfect nights,

      Turner, Monet,  Levitan, Sabrasov, Sorolla,...with all
of them and a few others I have  shared my time enjoying the

      In the end, everything has contributed to awakening my
sensitivity  as  an  artist,  albeit  late  on,   and  I  am
discovering it now  that I live  in  the Mediterranean where
the  light  is  always  present  and  the atmosphere  is the
protagonist of life.

      I employ pastels as an  almost  exclusive technique in
order to  develop my vital need  for painting.  With what is
essentially  self-taught  training, I feel most at ease when
using pastels. 

      Aware  of my weaknesses,  limitations and mistakes, it
is with the most humble modesty that  I have decided to make
part of  my work known through this  webpage and with all of
my heart, I would love you to enjoy  it and want to share in

Manuel García de la Torre